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Birth day:   1985-12-19   Bra size:   38A/85A   Eye color:   Brown
Nationality:   Czech Republic   Waist:   30/76   Hair color:   Brown
Height:   5'4/1.63   Hips:   40/102   Hair type:   Medium length

May 5. 2005

I've got this older guy at the moment. All the girls at college are jealous. I love it, I sit at home dreaming of when he will come over and make me feel all grown up. I was doing just that the other day when he turned up. He came up to my room and we just started doing it. It was so naughty, but nice if you know what I mean. Anyway he made my body feel all tingly and then spunked in my mouth... Can you believe it? I wonder what he'll do next...

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April 4. 2005

Hey Guys! I’m Jana, a young & sexy 18 year old brunette from Prague. I’ve got nice firm tits, a tight round ass, and a freshly shaved pussy. Oh yeah, I’m also a virgin! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Yesterday was my 18th birthday, I just moved into my first apartment, and today is play day! I’m lying here on my bed, I start to touch myself: feeling my tits, massaging them, squeezing them. They are so firm and very soft. I slowly and teasingly start taking off my clothes while I pose my body in various sexy positions. I pull out my tits and run my fingers across my nipples, teasing, pinching & pulling on them, I can already feel myself getting excited. I take off my top setting my tits free. I run my hands over my freshly shaved pussy, which is so sensitive to the touch. I wiggle my tight ass out of my shirt, pulling my little cotton panties to one side exposing my virgin pussy. The air hitting my pussy gives me chills all over my body. I start rubbing the outside of my pussy very slowly from top to bottom and I feel myself getting wet inside. My pussy lips are spread open welcoming my touch. I run my finger across my clit and my pussy twitches with anticipation. This is all so new to me, every touch is like an adventure. I keep rubbing my pussy up and down and all around, this is driving me crazy. I slowly slip my fingers inside my pussy, it’s so unbelievably hot and wet inside, my pussy seems to wrap itself around my fingers. I slowly move my fingers in and out of my tight pink hole, while I rub my clit round and round. I start moving my fingers in and out of my pussy faster and a little deeper with every stroke, I can feel it getting hotter and wetter. I get up on all fours and stick my young, round ass up as I slip my fingers back into my tight, hot pussy from behind. My little pussy wraps itself tightly around my fingers again and I start fingering myself even deeper and faster than before. It feels like someone else is doing it, I look back almost expecting to see someone, but I am alone. I lay back down on my bed with my legs spread wide open and slip my finger back in my pussy again, I can feel the juice slowly dripping from my pussy towards my asshole, I reach down and rub it. I feel my pussy tighten and my a-hole pucker up as if… I keep fingering my pussy with one finger as I toy with my moistened asshole. I slowly push a second finger up against my asshole harder and harder until it slowly slips into my virgin ass. This feeling is truly amazing as I can feel both of my fingers inside me rubbing up against each other. I move them in and out, first one and then the other over and over. I am getting more excited with every motion. I pull my fingers out and reach for my new dildo. I slowly lick the dildo running my tongue up and down, before sticking it in my mouth. I move the dildo in and out of my mouth, sucking it, and making it nice and wet, slobbering all over it, sticking it in my mouth deeper and deeper. I pull the dildo out of my mouth and start rubbing it against my hot wet pussy. I slowly slide the dildo into my pussy and it feels so big and so good. I move the dildo in and out of my tight, pink hole as I rub my clit, softly and slowly at first, and then harder and faster, as I fuck my pussy with the dildo deeper and deeper. I never knew my pussy could get so wet. I slide the dildo out of my dripping pussy and roll over onto my side, then take my dildo and press it up against my hungry ass, slowly easing it in. I move the dildo in and out of my tight ass wiggling it from side to side and I can feel my ass hole being opened up. I keep moving the dildo in and out of my ass as I rub my pussy which is so wet and hot like it is on fire. I lay on my back, with the dildo still planted deep in my ass and I start rubbing my wet pussy as I fuck my ass with the dildo until I can’t take anymore. I pull back the skin covering my swollen clit and rub hard and fast until I erupt, having an enormous orgasm! I can feel my pussy spasm deep inside! YOU KNOW TECHNICALLY I’M STILL A VIRGIN!

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