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Score: 98 out of 100
Reviewed On: 9/19/04

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Paysite review for -- Fuckplex.com
Content -- SCORE -- 20 out of 20 possible points
:: First Impressions ::
You can take it from me or from any of the other slew of reviews written for this site. It is a shit fucking load of DVD quality content you can download and keep. I'll just start by saying, this site if for the person who wants a lot of options on streaming, and wants to be able to download nice full 20 minute DVD quality scenes. They have over 400 full scenes each at least 20 minutes long in addition to pics, extras, and feeds. However, the draw here is the all out access to a cubic shit ton of great movies with really hot scenes. I might add that the site updates every day too with fresh content. The site has been online for what looks like a little over a year now, and they have uploaded a full DVD scene each day. I also see that they have updated the picture galleries every day as well.

:: Picture Galleries ::
   I was actually very surprised to see such a big picture archive. They don't even feel as if they need to mention that there is one because of all the movies they house. However, it's a huge and nice feature that they surprise you with when you enter. The site has the pictures organized with a very simple interface that allows you to see the woman in the gallery, click here, and see all the thumbnails to click for a larger pic. The site is really a mixed bag of single girl, hardcore, teen, interracial and some other assorted sets. There are a fuckload of galleries to choose from and new ones added each day. They aren't really broken down by niche, and they aren't as large as some of the pics I have seen at other sites. However, they don't even tell you about this large section full of content, so it was a very nice and quality surprise! The topside navigation does allow you to sort through the pictures by broad niche too. It's well organized and broadly categorized. Their photo archive is still better than the majority of sites that do photos as their main point of sale though. Not bad for being an additional feature!

:: Movie Galleries ::
  Okay, this is what I expected to see. The inside looks essentially like the tour and archive pages do on the outside. While it is simple in design, it shows you everything in the site. When you get a membership, everything you see on the outside is there and then a whole lot more. The movies are arranged into 19 theatres with 20 to 25 scenes (scenes were about 20 to 30 minutes long). They offer them in 180k, 220k, and 512 streaming as .WMV. The best part is the DIVX quality downloadable function they offer for each scene too. Okay, if you are a guy who loves to collect full dvd scenes and store them like a greedy porn bear before hibernation.. This is your paradise. Don't get me wrong, I love streaming the 512k scenes that they have, but I love downloading the divx more. I didn't mess with the 180k and the 220k speeds because the 512k came in at a great speed. The movies are a great mix of the most popular films and stars out there and a lot I have not seen before. Each scene also comes with a great review of the scene, who was in it, and what was done. They also add some opinion at times that is fucking hilarious if you are reading. It's really a nice extra touch that must consume a lot of time. However, I really appreciated being able to read about the scenes. They also have a search function that allows you look up names or movies and a favorites section for you to arrange your movies in. I was delighted to see the mixture kept hot chicks in all the movies no matter which title you open. No exclusive content here, but you will not find a collection this large and well organized anywhere else. Who cares anyway's, these aren't chopped up clips. These are the full scenes as they appear on the DVD's and there's a shitload of it to be had. They picked good movies, and they did a good job setting up the system of delivering those movies. They add a new full scene each day as well. You can maybe get more at other sites in chopped up clips, but you will not find them in full downloadable format with daily updates like this. If you ever make it out of their huge ass theatres, you might notice that they have a huge number of live feeds from homegrown as well. Then they have additional video plugins of amateur, gangbang, and cumshots. I didn't even mess much with the extra video stuff because there was so much hardcore ground to cover in the main movies section alone. You could easily watch 512k and divx bands in full screen without losing any sharpness at all!
:: Overall Synopsis Of Content ::
   Overall, the site surprises you with a lot of extras that they don't even mention on the outside of the site. The movies are all really mostly focused on hardcore, lots of cumshots, creampies, gangbang, interracial, teens, and lesbians. They keep with those themes through most of the movies they offer. I was not bothered by the lack of exclusive on this site because they are obviously targeting the person who loves huge porn from DVD movies. There are hot titles and actresses in the movies they selected, and there are more in the largest and best formats I have seen. Their content plugins are great too because they aren't the bullshit pay more these plugins type of deals. The plugins they offer are just a shitload more video content in streaming, live, and downloadable. Again, their plugins are better than most, but I enjoyed their movies archive and non-chopped full DVD scenes the most. I might add the huge number of streaming options.
Design -- SCORE -- 18 out of 20 possible points
:: Summary :: 
   The best way for me to describe the design is this... There's foreplay, and there's just whipping out your dick and slapping people in the face with it. This site is not into foreplay. Fuckplex is definitely not wasting time trying to dazzle surfers with moving parts. They are saying, "Hey you, wanna download a fuckload of porn movies?" What you see on the outside, is what you get on the inside. A clean, simple, and fast way to get a ton of full movies.

:: Navigation ::
 The navigation on the pictures, extras, and plugins are simple and not too detailed. There's just a lot of good content available there with frequent updates. They really put a lot of time into the movies. They are placed into theatres complete with a search function and ratings system for users. All the movies are displayed with screen caps that show you the action and the scene review. Really nicely done. It's simple, detailed, and quality.
Price -- SCORE -- 20 out of 20 possible points
Fuckplex offers several joining options. They use paycom and probilling which can handle credit cards, debit cards, checks, and phone billing.
A full 3 day trial with unlimited download for $5.95 (matures into rebilling 30 day)
A 30 day full membership (rebilling) for $29.99
A 90 day full membership (three months rebilling) for $59.95
Anyway you look at this, it's a good deal. I was honestly surprised that they have a full access trial with no download limit. Further I was shocked that for the amount of content that they offer in the size and speed they offer it in that they only wanted $29.99 a month. This is easily cheaper, faster, and less public than renting the movies. Certainly, it's cheap compared to other paysites of this size and caliber. You may find as many movies on Deluxe Pass, but you will not find them all in one spot with huge and high quality downloads for this price. Fuckplex is well worth the money if you use your membership.


Updates -- SCORE-- 20 out of 20 possible points
   The site updates both pictures and movies every day. The updates are arranged in navigation across the top of the site so that you can watch their archive grow each day. They update a full movie scene each day and a full photoset each day as well. This is great because you always have something sizeable and new to view each day. The site is obviously trying to grow a fan base that likes the daily updates and will stay because of their frequency.
Extras -- SCORE -- 18 out of 20 possible points
 Fuckplex is cool with their site because they don't even waste time telling you how nice and how large the number of extras you get are. On the outside they advertise a shitload of movies. When you get in, you see they have a huge picture archive that updates daily. In addition, you see all kinds of favorites, rating, and search functions. The reviews that they do of each scene are the most detailed I've seen anywhere. Finally, they have extra feeds from homegrown, and several more huge movie plugins. If that isn't enough, you can also check out their erotic story archive. A good number of stories in there and it's another bonus that they don't tell you about either. Fuckplex, was ripped to the teeth with extra content and features.
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Site Claims:
  Fuckplex claims that they are a massive archive full of hardcore fucking movies in many formats. They push that they are fully downloadable, and that they update every day. All of these claims check out and then some. They don't really hit you on the head with just how much quality content is within this site, but I just can't imagine anyone finding more anywhere else for a better price!
Site Positives:
  The site will absolutely blow you away from a content standpoint. You will be pleased with the amount of huge movies and other features you get upon arriving inside of the site. The huge daily updates are also key to enjoying this site in the long term.
Site Negatives:
 This site is mostly a broadband porn site. Modem users can take advantage of the nice lower band streaming and huge ass galleries of pictures however.
Overall Impression:
   I must say that in the past year, I have seen them update and continue to add great features to what is the hugest site I have seen for full movie scenes. You can't beat the price or quality either. The daily update has me waiting on the next seen each day that goes by. In other words, this porn is porn that I would buy because they are the huge beefy clips with the selection and updates I would be looking for. Fuckplex is bar none my favorite movie site (and quickly becoming my favorite site overall).
Wastedporn.com Score: 98 out of 100 points possible -- FIVE THUMB RATING
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Fuckplex is a paysite that is by far the largest movie site out there. It has full DVDS with no limit to how much you can download. It's cheap and you seriously get full DIVX and multiple streaming options. There is great amounts of every niche from sexy teen to sick fetish throat gagging all in one giant ass site!
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